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CITRONELLA shampoo is very effective & controls Ticks, Fleas, Mites & Flies on your pet’s coat. The pleasant smelling effect lasts for few  days on your pet.

INGREDIENTS: Fenugreek extract, Aloe vera gel, Citronella oil, Lemon grass oil & coat conditioners and Shampoo base.

DIRECTIONS: Wet coat thoroughly. Apply CITRONELLA shampoo. Massage gentle to rich lather. Rinse coat thoroughly. Repeat the process. Pat dry with towel.

Citronella oil

Benefits for the skin : By promoting effective body detoxification, the oil keeps the skin glowing and healthy. Skin infections are also prevented due to the antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Infections such as acne which arise when sebum in the skin is infected can be prevented. The oil can be applied on the acne areas after diluting it to 10% or less .

Benefits against body odor : Citronella oil has a citrusy lemon kind of flavor which effectively cuts out the bad body odor. The smell is long lasting. The oil can be mixed with bath water in order to obtain a natural fragrance of the body. When used in bath, the oil is extremely refreshing .

Aloe vera has good healing properties and act as skin moisturizer. Aloe Vera is said to help prevent hair loss and act to strengthen your hair. Used as a hair conditioner, it will give you thick, strong and healthy hair, and is especially good for dry hair and dandruff.

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